The following General Conditions and Privacy Policy  (henceforth, the "General Conditions”) regulate the usage of the website    (henceforth, the “Website”) that  CREACIONES CORDON, S.L (henceforth "CREACIONES CORDON, S.L "), puts to the service of the individuals that access their website with the intention of acquiring information about products and services, either from the company or from a collaborating third party, and to provide access to such products and services (henceforth commonly demominated as the “Services”)

Because of the Website’s nature, content and finality, the whole majority of the web browsing that can take place has to be done as a Registered User, with the procedures to register being in the Website itself. Therefore, the aforementiones Registered User Condition requires compliance with the General Conditions in the latest published version when accessing the Website. CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. reserves the right to modify, at any given moment, the design and configuration of the Website, as well as the General Conditions hereby presented. Therefore, CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. recommends the User to review the General Conditions when accesing the Website.

In any case, there are sections of the Website accesible to the general public, and CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. wishes to comply with their legal obligations as well as to regulate the usage of these sections. For this, the user that access those parts of the webiste agree to be under these General Conditions in the extent that they can be applied.



The access to the Services does not require the User’s previous register. Once they accept the General Conditions, they become Non Registered Users.

This website does not have an option for the User to register, so no User Authentification is required.


The User agrees to use the Services in a proper, law-abiding, and correct manner, including without limiting refraining from:

(a) using the Services in a way or with an end that is against the law, the morals and the proper ways generally accepted or the public order;

(b) reproducing or copying, distributing, allowing access to the public by any way of public communitacion, transforming or modifying the Services, unless beign given express authorizathion of the owner of the corresponding right or being legally allowed to;

(c) any act that can be considered as a breach of either CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. or any third party’s intellectual or industrial property;

(d) using the Services and, particularly, any kind of information obtained through the Website to send advertisements, communications with direct sales intentions, or any other commercial intentions, unrequested messages to a group of people independently of the finality of such messages, as well as commercializing or making public any kind of information;

The User will answer for the damages and grievances of any given nature that CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. might suffer, consequences of non compliance to any of the obligacions previously stated as well as any other included in this General Conditions and/or the ones in the General Law according to the Website usage. CREACIONES CORDON, S.L will uphold at all times the respect for the existing legislation and will be legitimized to interrupt, by its own discretion, the Service or to exclude the User from the Website in the event of any alleged comission, totally or partially, of any fault or misdeed established in the existing legislation or in the event of observing any conduct that to CREACIONES CORDON, S.L.’s judgement, can be contrary to the General Conditions, the General Conditions of the Contract that operate for this Website, the directives established by CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. or their partners or that can interfere with the normal functioning, image, credibility and/or Prestige of CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. or their partners.


All of the Website’s contents, such as texts, graphics, photographies, logotypes, icons, images, as well as the graphic design elements, source code, and software, are CREACIONES CORDON, S.L’s exclusive property or of third party elements, whose rights are lawfully held by CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. being therefore protected by national and international Law. It is strictcly forbidden using any element object of intellectual or industrial property with any commercial purpose as well as its distribution, modification, alteration or decompilation.


CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. reserves its right to interrupt the access to the Website in any given moment without previous notice, being for technical reasons, control problems, electric supply failures or any other justified cause.

Consequently, CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. does not guarantee the fiability, the disponibility or the continuity of their Website, and therefore the User’s access to them by their own risk. CREACIONES CORDON, S.L Will not be liable in this regard.

CREACIONES CORDON, S.L Will not be liable in the event of an interruption of the Services, delays, mistakes, malfunction or any other inconvenient that arises from causes outside of CREACIONES CORDON, S.L’s control., and/or due to an action by the User that might be deemed as faulty or a willful violation, and or by any fortuite action or force majeure. The article 1105 of the Spanish Civil code notwithstanding, any event that happens outside of CREACIONES CORDON, S.L’s control such as: third party’s faults, operators or service providers, Government measures, lack of access to third party networks, act or omission of Public Authorities, any act produced by a natural phenomenon, blackouts, etc, and the attack of hackers or any third party specialized in the system’s security and integrity will be considered as force majeure, as long as CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. has adopted the proper security measures. In any case, CREACIONES CORDON, S.L will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, emering and/or halted benefits.


Equally, CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. excludes any responsibilty for any damages caused by the pressence of informatic viruses or any other damaging elements in their contents that can produce an alteration in informatic system as well as the documents and files stored in them.


CREACIONES CORDON, S.L is not liable of the usage that the User does of the Website’s Services or their passwords, as well as any other materials found in the Website, that result in an Intellectual Property infringement or any other third party’s right. The user is compeled to not damage CREACIONES CORDON, S.L for any damage, expense (including but not limiting lawyer’s fees) or civil responsibility or of any kind that might incur in CREACIONES CORDON, S.L tied to the lack of total compliance to the General Conditions or the current Law, specially in the áreas related with the personal data protection in this General conditions or in the LOPD/RGPD and development laws.





CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. is not liable for any damages caused for the access to third parties’ Services via the links in this Website nor for the fiability of them. The links that appear in the Website have the function of informing the User about the existnece of additional sources of information, where they will be able to acquire more information about the Website’s Services. CREACIONES CORDON, S.L will not be liable of any result from these links or any consequence deriving from the Registered User’s access to tthem. These Third Party services are not controlled by CREACIONES CORDON, S.L. and therefore the legality and/or the quality of such service. Consequently, the User must be sensible about the information presented in third parties’ content.



To any interpretative question that might arise the Spanish Law will be applied. Any disagreement will be settled in the Courts of Valencia, with the user renouncing to their own privilege.



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